For a number of African newcomers, there is no capacity to use American English, or knowledge of basic computing and keyboarding in order to satisfactorily meet the demands of some of the requirements for entry or mid-level positions. Imagine a talented carpenter that had overseen the construction of hundreds houses in his homeland but had to settle working at a discount retailer due to not possessing the equivalency of a GED in his home country. Imagine an accomplished dentist not being able to practice in Indiana due to his lack of knowledge of English and the relative disregard of his academic credentials from a top West African university. Imagine a successful textile trader having difficulty acquiring a retail job due to her lack of basic computer knowledge and typing skills, as well as an unfamiliarity with the job search process in the United States.

  1. Acquisition and learning of English-as-a-second language

  2. Native languages as cooperative exchange tools

  3. Citizenship: History and government process in United States

  4. Society: Norms, expectation, community, volunteerism

  5. Basic Computer Training

  6. Information, References, Translation and Referral

  7. Preparatory classes for GED

  8. Pre-college orientation.

Directory of Social Services 

The African Center has published a Directory of Social Services for African newcomers as a practical guide to living in United States. The guide is provided to clients free of charge to complement our literacy services. The directory is published in English with the first chapter translated into French and Ki-Swahili. The guide comes with an evaluation tool to ensure that clients fully utilize the resource book. Go to Directory for more.


The African Center owe its emergence, growth and development, sustainability, success, record of quality services and its futurist vision to many individuals, families, donors, foundations, partners and collaborators, too many to name them all.  However, we have created HoD, HoF and HoV (Hall of Donors, Hall of Funders, Hall of Volunteers) as a recognition of our supporters. Please click Support Us.

Literacy and Skills Development Services

African Center’s literacy and translation services are bundled in our LLLP (Language Laboratory and Literacy Project).  The project is designed to provide new communicative acquisition and learning tools and open up a new world of basic computer and social literacy to the African newcomers. The key benefit of technology is to allow the learner to have independent control of access to resources and work at a pace set by the learner. The project has the capacity to offer the following:

Video #2: David Hoover, the Executive Director of Hoover Family Foundation on African Center

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