Human Services

The African Center provides a range of social services, the extent of which is determined by resources availability. The services include:

  1. Needs Assessment assistance

  2. Case management assistance

  3. Basic and emergency need assistance (as resources are available)

  4. Legal counseling and referral

Provision of any of these services is predicated on completion of initial needs assessment for the client(s).  Priorities are given to families and individuals who are unemployed or underemployed or those newly arriving and confirmed to not currently receiving services from federal or state supported refugee resettlement agencies in the area.


The African Center owe its emergence, growth and development, sustainability, success, record of quality services and its futurist vision to many individuals, families, donors, foundations, partners and collaborators, too many to name them all.  However, we have created HoD, HoF and HoV (Hall of Donors, Hall of Funders, Hall of Volunteers) as a recognition of our supporters. Please click Support Us.

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