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Active participation in American society requires optimal health. As with many individuals and families, healthcare is a major concern for Africans and their families. Africans are confronted with many barriers and challenges to acquiring basic healthcare and maintaining their health; barriers and challenges which can be exacerbated by their unfamiliarity with the American healthcare system, linguistic barriers, different cultural conceptions of health and wellness and medical histories that are linked to tropical health problems that may be unfamiliar to or misunderstood by majority of healthcare professionals.

The African Center’s health services which include a health clinic and health-focused programs, and our confidential HIV Testing and Counseling services directly confront these barriers by providing sustainable solutions to the healthcare challenges that are faced by Africans and their families.

“Imagine a son without insurance who takes his elderly mother to the hospital to treat recurring health symptoms only to receive a month later an outrageous health bill for procedures that were expected to be relatively inexpensive. As the son defaults on payments, his credit rating is ruined.”


The African Center owe its emergence, growth and development, sustainability, success, record of quality services and its futurist vision to many individuals, families, donors, foundations, partners and collaborators, too many to name them all.  However, we have created HoD, HoF and HoV (Hall of Donors, Hall of Funders, Hall of Volunteers) as a recognition of our supporters. Please click Support Us.

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Video #8: Overview of Health Services - Part 2

Video #7: Overview of Health Services - Part 1

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