Employment Support Services

There is lack of understanding of how to perform successful job searches within the African community. These Africans are limited in their ability to acquire and prosper within jobs that are similar to their occupations in Africa. As a result, they may struggle to meet financial obligations that provide for their needs and the needs of their families. The educational accreditation system in United States continues the search for the appropriate equivalent grades for the educational curricula offered by different higher institutions of learning in Africa. Thus, African newcomers may find themselves settling for occupations for which underutilize their talents and limit their earning potentials. African Center provides workforce preparation services and works with employment agencies for job searches with the goal to stop the cycle of unemployment or underemployment among the African residents.


The African Center owe its emergence, growth and development, sustainability, success, record of quality services and its futurist vision to many individuals, families, donors, foundations, partners and collaborators, too many to name them all.  However, we have created HoD, HoF and HoV (Hall of Donors, Hall of Funders, Hall of Volunteers) as a recognition of our supporters. Please click Support Us.

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