The African Center owe its emergence, growth and development, sustainability, success, record of quality services and its futurist vision to many individuals, families, donors, foundations, partners and collaborators, too many to name them all.  However, we have created HoD, HoF and HoV (Hall of Donors, Hall of Funders, Hall of Volunteers) as a recognition of our supporters. Please click Support Us.

Your generous donation in support of our operation and programs would be highly appreciated.

  1. 1. Financial contribution can be made for general operation of the organization.

  2. 2.. Financial contribution can be dedicated to any program within our core service areas or spread across service areas based on your preference.

  1. The seven-core services

  2. Human Services

  3. Healthcare Services

  4. Literacy and Skills Development Services

  5. Employment Support Services

  6. Arts, Culture and Youth Development

  7. Community Integration and Advocacy

  8. Community Engagement and special projects

  1. 3. Participate in our 2013 Capital Campaign

  2. 4. Provide inheritance or legacy gifts to our organization

  3. 5. Provide in-kind donation of products and professional services

  4. 6. Join our fundraising events

  5. 7. Adopt a client by helping to meet the immediate basic needs of that client

  6. 8. Participate in Quarter4life Campaign

  7. 9. Participate in Connect2give mobile campaign

  8. 10. Become a Friend-Raiser.

Financial contributions can be made by direct bank deposit or inter- or intra- bank fund transfer or by check, cashier’s check, money order or credit card. All contributions should be made payable to

African Community International, Inc.”.  All contributions by mail should be addressed to:

The Treasurer

African Community International, Inc.

3737 North Meridian Street, Suite 507

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. 46208

Our development officer, our chief executive officer and members of the governing board are available to answer questions you may have concerning your planned donation.  Please do not hesitate to call us at 317 927 9777 or email us at


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Volunteer Opportunity

Also, volunteer opportunities are available. For information, click Volunteer.