Community Integration Initiative (CII)

In 2006, the Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees defines immigrant integration as “a dynamic, two-way process in which newcomers and the receiving society work together to build secure, vibrant, and cohesive communities.” 

In essence, the newcomers communities have a significant role to play as much as the host communities in order for the integration to be beneficial.  Before the two-way process can be effective, the newcomers communities need to have some structure and members of these communities must of the desire or motivation to work together. This is where the role of the African Center in the integration process becomes critical.

The primary goal of our Community Integration Initiative is to organize African-born people into country-based groups or associations and organize African owned businesses and trades into formidable groups. This initiative is gradually re-shaping the way the African community functions and opens up opportunities and access for members of that community to become active participants. Several country-based associations have emerged as a result of this initiative. In addition, the initiative has assisted in the formation of the African Cab Operators Association, the African Chamber of Commerce, Charity for Africa Club and currently working on the formation of the African Religious Leadership Group and Indiana Hair-Braiding Business Owners Association. 

At the collaborative agreement signing with the Haitian Association of Indianapolis

African Religious Leadership Group: At a consultation meeting

Watch here sample of video clips of different sessions of the process in community integration:

Comming soon!

African Cab Operators Association at a consultation meeting

Shared Promise

The people and families served by the African Center are not just consumers; they are also partners and members of the emerging newcomer community. The organization’s operational philosophy is based ion support and empowerment with the belief that the end result will lead to a shared promise to work together for a dynamic vision of the community’s future and together to secure that future.

Below Pix: Some members of the newly organized Indiana Hairbraiding Business Owners Association pose with African Center’s CEO.

Right Pix: Newly elected officers of the Association with the African Center’s CEO

Key People identification meeting for the Zimbabwean community

Left Pix: Key leaders of the Sierra Leoneans community

Top pix: Representatives of communities for Liberians, Zambians, Kanyans, Zimbabweans, Ivoriens, and Somalis at a consultation meeting at the African Center

African Center’s CEO flanked by President and Secretary of the African Students Association of IUPUI at a Collaborative Agreement signing event

Representative of the Malian Community at a leadership training

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