Small samples of our community engagement through special projects are:

  1. a)    Diversity training to newly recruited officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

  2. b)    Diversity training to healthcare personnel of the Indiana University Health North Hospital

  3. c)    Provision of diversity training to healthcare personnel of the St Vincent’s Hospital

  4. d)    Active involvement with the Health Access Collaborative (HAC)

  5. e)    Community participation with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) District 13 Community Outreach

  6. f)    Training for representatives of the Coalition of African Organizations and Health Foundations’ officers in New Hampshire

  7. g)    Training for the City of Grand Forks, North Dakota on African Immigrants Integration.

Community Engagement and Special Projects (CESP)

The African Center primarily provides integrated services directly to African-born population. The center is also proactive in the community where it operates; providing needed assistance and services to members of the host community. The center also partners and collaborates  with community groups, government agencies, faith community, educational institutions on projects and programs that align with the mission of the African Center.